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selected Samples

Business Plans

While I have written dozens of business plans for a variety of industries, most of them contain confidential information that I can't publicly display here. However, if you click the image above, you can see the Executive Summary section of a business plan I wrote for Rouse Social, a social media mobile app that is currently available for download. 


User Manual

This manual was created for a client that was brand new to using Wordpress as a content management system. I not only had to learn how to use Wordpress (which I still use regularly to this day for several websites) but I also had to boil down the information for a user manual. 


White Papers

From writing white papers on a wide variety of topics and editing them for grammar, consistency, and formatting, all the way to assisting in the research and development of brand new white paper topics, I've been exposed to all forms and phases of white paper creation.