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selected Samples

Feature Interview stories

Games for Adults: 'Spec Ops: The Line' Makes You Feel Like a War Criminal

In this interview-based feature for Playboy's 'Games for Adults' column, I interviewed the Lead Writer on Spec Ops: The Line, Walt Williams. We discussed the game's development, its themes of violence and self-criticism, as well as lessons the player can learn from the game. It's not only one of the most powerful pieces I've written, but my overall favorite piece of writing to date.


Game reviews

'Until Dawn' is a Faithful Slasher Flick Video Game, Down to the Idiotic Teenagers

Sony sent me an early-access copy of Until Dawn to review for Playboy. This was my first review for the publication, but it turned out being one of the best reviews I've written. Playboy does not use review scores, which allowed me to take a specific angle on the game and its subject matter and present the experience from a more personal perspective. 


Event Coverage and feature editorials

Blurring the Line: Where the Virtual Becomes Reality

After attending the 2015 Game Developer's Conference, I wrote this piece for Paste Magazine as both coverage of the event and as a feature piece about my experiences. I went hands-on with a lot of upcoming virtual reality technology and wrote a personalized experience piece about everything.


game previews

Sword Coast Legends E3 Preview

While attending the 2015 Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) I was treated to the pleasure of playing dozens of unreleased and unannounced games. One of those games was Sword Coast Legends and I wrote about my time with the game for The Koalition


List Articles / Video Scripts

Top 5 Worst MMO Launches of All-Time

This List was both a written article and produced as a video list with narration as well. For over a year, I was the primary contributor to MMORPG's List column and wrote dozens of list articles and video scripts on a wide range of topics in the MMO genre.