David is an exceptionally hard worker and an inspirational friend who is always willing to go above and beyond to help solve a problem. His passion for video games and journalism is nothing short of remarkable, instantly making him a joy to work with. His detail oriented approach to writing and developing new ideas easily makes him a valuable asset to any and every team.
— Richard Bailey, Editor-in-Chief of The Koalition
David is an excellent writer and editor, but he also excels at networking and public speaking; I know from firsthand experience that he is a mover and shaker at press events. I often speak with David for professional advice.
— Garrett Glass, Technical Writer at Texas Instruments
David is an extremely dedicated employee who is not only talented, but quick witted and delightful to work with. He is focused on really capturing the brand voice which, as a designer, is a huge asset. I would recommend working with him to anyone!
— Sara Piazza, Designer at GuideSpark
David pays close attention to detail, and he’s a creative thinker. Having David as part of your team will ensure you’ll achieve high quality results. He is able to pick up on potential errors and quality issues fairly easy making him an essential part of the team. Dave is an expert copywriter, an articulate speaker; and always carries himself in a professional manner.
— Gary Swaby, Executive Editor of The Koalition
I recommend David for companies that need technical writers or editors because of the amount of work he puts into projects, his professionalism, and enthusiasm for new ideas.
— Ami Hanson, Copyeditor