• Business plans and investing
  • Startups and entrepreneurship
  • Video games
  • Consumer technology
  • Virtual reality
  • Finance and financial wellness
  • HR and company benefits
  • Medical services and health care
  • Politics and world news
  • NFL and Fantasy Football
  • And any other topic - I love learning new industries quickly!

Selected Samples

Video Games and Technology

Across the far reaches of the internet I've written for well over a dozen different websites and publications about the video game and tech industries. You can find my work in a variety of writing styles, from casual blogging to professional-grade journalism. However, I don't consider myself constrained to just blogging and writing about games - I can cover any topic.

Business Plans and Startups

One of the best applications of my skills as a technical communicator has been in my ability to assist in other people's desire to develop their dream business. As a business plan writer, I gained a lot of knowledge about business development and startups, so my writing for different blogs has reflected that as a result.